"Nothing is more important than getting you back to what you enjoy doing without limitations!"     ...Rich Jaeger, MPT, CERT. MDT                   


"Thank you Jaeger Physical Therapy for the great work you did in helping me achieve a full recovery following shoulder surgery.  I am constantly surprised by my increasing function and strength.  The dedication and compassion of your staff helped me through my recovery both physically and mentally.  I would highly recommend Jaeger PT to anyone."     .....Cathy R.


"I had 2 ACL surgeries and both times I received physical therapy at Jaeger.  I am at my full recovery with the help from Jaeger I would not be back to doing the things I love.  I am so thankful for Rich and Nick for helping me back to all my goals."     .....Courtney M.


"Jaeger Physical Therapy gives you the tool to continue to sustain and improve your physical conditioning once you recover your injury.  The Jaeger PT staff tunes into your needs and works with you throughout your recovery.  The Staff is by far the best and caring.  The Jaeger Physical Therapy environment is warm and family oriented."     .....Stan G.


"I was paralyzed from my waist down after a procedure at a leading New York City hospital, I started using Richard Jaeger as my Physical Therapist.  Without him and his staff I would not be walking and enjoying an unlimited life.  To me, they are life savers."     .....Bruce H.


"After 15 long years of chronic back pain, I am so thankful that my physician recommended Jaeger Physical Therapy.  Before finding Jaeger PT I was in constant pain with limited physical abilities. Some days I could not even walk.  I am happy to say that the caring and knowledgeable therapists at Jaeger PT gave me my life back.  I can not only get through each day and night virtually pain free, but can also perform many of the physical activities I once enjoyed.  The staff made my sessions enjoyable due to their great personalities and sense of humor.  I looked forward to each visit.  Thank you Jaeger Physical Therapy for profoundly changing my life!"     .....Joan T.


"I came to Jaeger Physical Therapy in December, 2011 to rehab from a separated shoulder.  Having never experienced PT before and with a level of apprehension, I began my treatment with the skilled hands and in depth knowledge of Rich Jaeger.  Since that time, Rich has skillfully made me whole after 4 shoulder surgeries and one knee surgery.

So much more than a masterful Physical Therapist with the gift of the skilled hands of a symphony orchestra, Rich developed an individual exercise and training protocol with expert nutritional advice designed to achieve total health and wellness.

There are many Physical Therapists out there, but there are very few diamonds in the rough…Rich Jaeger and Jaeger Physical Therapy are five star diamonds."     .....Tim C.


"The staff at Jaeger physical therapy are outstanding in all areas.  I came to your facility in severe pain and huge limitations in my daily life.  As a result of your excellent treatment, I am pain free and back to full activity.  My doctor recommended surgery but I chose Jaeger Physical Therapy instead.  I am thankful every day for you caring and professional facility."     .....Sara L.


"I experienced chronic low back pain for approximately twenty years.  I’ve had several procedures on my lumbar spine with little or no relief.  I came to Jaeger Physical Therapy with very low expectations due to my past experiences.  I am extremely happy to say that I am about 80% better and I exercise consistently  3-4 times a week.  Their ability on my most painful areas and treat it correctly saved my life.  Thank you again for your expertise and compassion."     .....Ron C.

"I came to Jaeger 4 years ago following cancer surgery.  I found that exercise and physical therapy made me feel like a person again and not a patient.  I exercise regularly now and I feel like a strong, healthy person.  The therapist and staff at Jaeger are wonderful and the atmosphere is the best."     .....D.M.

"This place is fabulous."   .....Mitch M.

"I've been a patient here 3 different times, including spinal surgery, and this place keeps getting better!  The Jaeger staff are very professional and competent.  The facility is top notch and they do a great job in all areas."    ......H.F.

"Jaeger Physical Therapy was my savior following surgery in 1993 for a spinal cord tumor.  Rich Jaeger took me from occasionally walking with a cane to the next level - no cane, better gate and better balance.  I have been his patient on and off for 12 years."    ......A.M.